Yummy Chocolate Slabs


125g grated coconut
2 eggs
275g sweetened condensed milk
500ml liquid milk (I used full cream)
100g dark chocolate (I used Côte D’or)
15cl whipping cream (liquid)
20g butter

Decoration: coconut, grated lemon zest and some golden sugar crystals (anything of your choice, but avoid sweet things)


  1. Preheat oven at 180 degrees.
  2. Grease your mould with the butter and keep aside. I used a large mould because I had doubled the quantity of the ingredients as I had many guests to serve.
  3. Hand-whisk these ingredients together: Liquid milk, condensed milk, eggs and grated coconut.
  4. Pour mixture in the greased mould. Fill another oven-friendly dish with water (3/4 full) and place the mould in the middle as it will be baked in bain-marie. Place the whole thing in oven and bake for 1h30mins.
  5. After it’s done, remove from oven, unmould the cake and let cool on a grill.
  6. In a pan, add the whipping cream and heat on medium-low or low.
  7. Break the dark chocolate in squares and add them in the pan. Melt both together till they are well blended and remove from fire.
  8. Put back the cooled cake in its mould and pour the chocolate over it.
  9. When the chocolate has cooled down (after around 10-15mins), I drew some easy designs with a butter knife and then sprinkled lemon zest, sugar crystals and coconut.
  10. Put in fridge and remove 2-3 minutes before serving. The chocolate will go soft within minutes at room temperature.

You may find the cake mixture very sweet but then remember that the chocolate isn’t that sweet either. So, both will compensate each other when eaten together ❤




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