Once a Loreto, Always a Loreto

Even though I am of Islamic faith, I’ve done my primary education at a catholic school and secondary one at Loreto College. And during my years at Loreto, it’s amazing how they have taught me to respect any other faith, they never imposed on me whether I should go to the Cathedral or Church during school mass etc… During morning prayers, they ask other faiths to bring prayers in their language or sacred books to share with the assembly.

Unfortunately, many people nowadays think that when you study at a catholic school, you stop believing in your faith. Hahaha! Only those who’ve been there know the truth, lived the moments and cherish them! Walking past this Cathedral reminds me of all those good times I had while singing in the school’s choir – my own decision, along with Christians, Hindus, Chinese and other faiths or no-faiths. It’s more than prayers. It’s friendship, love, togetherness, respect, team, happiness, care, freedom and so much more!

Loreto, always in my heart ❤

St. Louis Cathedral
St. Louis Cathedral, Port Louis, Mauritius

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  1. Gorgeous picture and thank you for sharing such a beautiful memory 😊

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    1. Thank you Priya ❤ Ohhh yeah… a memory to cherish whole life ^_^

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