Thank you, my Beautyfly!

I was walking up the mountain and felt something fly past my arm. I thought it was an insect, shrugged and continued my way. Then again, I felt that thing through my hair. I jumped forward, opened my hair to shake whatever off and that’s when I saw who was messing with me.

I stopped to look at it. It was flaunting its beautiful wings around me, wanting to play I guess. I tied my hair, took the camera and walked slowly towards the bushes. It posed calmly on a bruised leaf and was sort of waiting for me to click it out. So I did. It wasn’t moving, even though I was coming closer. Then a wave of thoughts came in my head.

  • Does it really want me to take a picture of its beauty or of the leaf? 
  • Does it want me to understand that its environment is dying because many people just walk through and disturb it, cut plants or kill animals? 
  • Does it want me to realise that it is tiring to just run away from fears, problems and predators?
  • Does it want me to understand that at some point in time, we should just STOP, POSE and FACE the camera… or people’s eyes? 

Then I went like “OMG”. Actually, a butterfly does NOT know how beautiful it is. It can’t see its wings, its natural beauty and its elegance. So yeah, definitely, it is not posing for me to click. It is trying to pass me a message… a message which was always here, but I didn’t want to accept, admit or ponder further upon. And why? Because either I run away from things. Or, I just think others will do it, why should I bother?

Now that I’ve got its pictures and questions, what do I do? Post the photos and forget the questions? Share the questions and not act upon it? Act and ask others to act too? Hmm.. why not all of these?

Here we go… I’ve shared the photo on my blog, the questions too and also,  I’m proud to say that I’ve just made a donation to a Wildlife Foundation helping to protect Mauritius’ Fauna and Flora. About asking others to act too, well… the ball is in your court now Reader. Yes, YOU! You, who are reading this. Plant a flower, donate something, sponsor an animal… anything! And tell me about it, of course. 🙂

Butterfly and beauty

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