Photographer’s eye

Shooting under the motorway
First shooting outing from photography class

My post-grad course requires me to select an elective module. There were many choices such as those related to social work, health, physical activity, other languages, photography, teamwork… wait, photography? Well, that was my reaction when I was going through the list.

It’s a 5-months module, and I learnt about aperture, ISO, perspectives, shadowing, light and many other things I was scared to tamper with when using a camera. Then, the lecturer decided to take us out for our first shoot. We went to a Duck Lake, some 5 minutes away from the campus. I used to go to that place, but not for duck shooting purposes. Hehe…!

It was rainy, a bit dim and quite cold. While others were trying to capture THAT picture which will make them outstand in the class, I caught… them. Going through all the trial and error photos made me think about something. Something which made me question the reason as to why we turn into photographers. Why do we like photography? Why do we like to spend our time to peep in a small box? Why? And the answer, I got it through the above picture:

Photographers have an eye to see what others look at, just like my friend is capturing that dark place under the motorway enlightened with just a ray of light. A place I never spotted upon the countless times I went there.


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