Jade & Maeva: Rodrigues’ little islanders

On Rodrigues Island, I opted to stay in a gîte with a beautiful family rather than in a hotel. And I don’t regret it at all. Looking to spend your day lazying around with your tablet and playing games using the WIFI? Bah.. forget it!

One of the activities which occupied my holidays was: spending my time with these two beautiful islanders. Jade and Maeva. We danced on Mauritian sega songs like Tik Tiké and we played dominoes. Well, play by constructing homes with the dominoes 😀 What’s amazing with them is that they don’t really know what it is to play Candy Crush or watching videos on YouTube. Jade even pushed my mobile away from my hand and pulled me to pluck mangoes from a tree in the garden, wash, peel them with out teeth and eat them under the tree itself.

I always wished my kids – when I have them if I get married until I meet someone – to have the same island life as I had. Far from technology, closer to simple games and grow up by playing, stumbling and falling down out of the house rather than confined in front of a black box or eyes and fingers hooked on a screen.

Too much to ask in 2016, right? *sighhhhh*


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