Mauritius Island Joys

Relating to one of my previous post on kitesurf at Poste Lafayette, this post is about two kids who were playing on the beach. I was taking pictures of the surfers when they approached me and said “Mamzel, ou kapav tir nou foto si?” (Miss, can you take our picture as well?) It was so sweetly asked that I didn’t hesitate before saying “Of course, why not!” As soon as they heard the YES, they started posing. After each CLICK, they came to see the picture. My friends were like “What are ya upto?!” I smiled and said “Enjoying!”

They live some 1-2 kilometers away from the sea and come on their own to the beach for a swim or making castles. These kids don’t know what rapid internet connection, playing Candy Crush Saga or watching Nickelodeon shows are. However, ask them how to make a mango salad, fish something, beat the ravanne for a sega or climb a tree and they will amaze you!

Oh sheesh, forgot to ask their names. Ooopsie!


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