My Xmas Trees

God knows how much I love Christmas timesโ€ฆ environment, atmosphere, decoration, songs, trees, gifts, cakes, cookies – all seen from films and photos. Unfortunately, Iโ€™ve never had the chance to celebrate Christmas as it should be. When my brother and I were kids, mom and dad would place gifts in our beds. It felt so good!

In Mauritius, December is the hottest month with above 34 degrees. So, I spend my time watching Christmas movies, trying to sink the feeling in rather than feeling it. AND, for the cold or maybe I should say cool atmosphere, I ride to some safe forest with tall, dark green, shadawesome trees like the Bras Dโ€™Eau Nature Reserve. Well, when one wills, one finds the way ๐Ÿ™‚ And hey, I’ve got so many trees instead of one ^_^ ย Enjoy the Christmas Preps, those who are into it!

Bras D'eau Nature Reserve, Mauritius
Bras D’eau Nature Reserve, Mauritius

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