Love you Grandma!

My grandma loved planting. My grandparents had a beautiful garden in their village home. They were planters, sold vegetables and fruits for a living – mostly my grandma as grandpa had another job. Then, grandpa left us… without writing his will. We know what follows! Uncle not agreeing with fair distribution of heritage, grandma not having any say as per the Mauritian law, huge mess for years, pfft!

Uncle tried to push grandma to convince my aunties including my mum to leave him the biggest portion of the land. How he did that? Well, he planned to play with the nerves of my grandma, to break her so down that she will give up the court thing. I didn’t know a person can be so cruel, before seeing what he did. Omg, it hurts me even writing it.

He used: poison. Uncle didn’t poison the trees, no no! That would take tooooo much time. And people might see him. Instead, he put the poison in the large basin of water which grandma watered the whole garden with. Ohhh yeah! Isn’t that genius-like? One day, grandma told me “I don’t know what’s happening to the plants, they are not flowering and seems to be dying. Even the banana trees is drying up.” We went to see, then found that the water in the basin wasn’t that clear. It didn’t take us long to guess what happened.  But it was too late… The garden became a graveyard.

We succeeded in bringing some plants in pots to revive them. Among them, is the Anthurium, also known sometimes as Laceleaf. My grandma left us in September 2013. The Anthurium didn’t grow flower at all, until this year. I’m extremely happy. One came out, then two then four… seriously, isn’t this amazing?

Then I thought, instead of leaving the flowers to grow and die, I would bring them in my house. It’s crazy, but somehow while making the vase below, I felt as if my grandma is with me more than ever. Love you… Grandma.

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