Mauritius, beach and cyclone

Ohhhhhhh, it’s weird how I missed writing on my blog and reading others’ too!

However, I had amazing holidays with super duper great cousins from Australia! They made me fall in love a g a i n with Mauritius while showing them around. Oh and I need to wish all the readers and bloggers a very very VERY nice 2017 and hope that it brings you lots of whatyouwishfor ~ Ameen.

Speaking of which, 2017 has brought a cyclone named Carlos to Mauritius… This uninvited guest came yesterday and is gradually approaching us, bringing with it winds, rains and awesome romantic gloomy weather. Seriously, being an islander with SunSunSun most of the time… I’m just loving this change. To take the maximum out of this weather, we decided to experience another version of our beaches: Cyclonic Version Hehe! Here you go, some snaps of a morning at Baie du Cap, South of Mauritius.

Seriously, this grey top reflecting on the normally turquoise blue bottom gives a so vivid reflection of itself in the water that I wanted to just sit there for hours. When the rain poured over the ocean, it looked like someone is watering the Earth from above. Then, well… had to run away because the rain was going crazy, lol. Coming home drenched, having a warm shower, drinking nice hot Mauritian tea by the radio in front of the laptop writing this post is what I call… a cyclowesomazing Sunday! ❤


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