Aloo (potato) paratha

A cyclonic weather in Mauritius calls for nice and warm foods. Pakoras, samousa, farata, roti… you name it! However, I wanted to try something new. Something spicy, full of potatoes and very delicious. When I put all of these criteria together, only one thing came to my mind: Aloo Paratha! I Googled and Youtubed to finally compile recipes to make one which suits me and my limited Indian cooking capability.

Ingredients for the potato filling
4 cups of peeled and cubed (1 inch) potato
2 small green chilies, finely chopped
½ tbsp garlic-ginger paste
½ cup coriander, finely chopped
¼ cup mint leaves, finely chopped
¼ cup chives, finely chopped
1 tsp garam masala powder
1 tsp red chili powder
½ tsp cumin powder

Ingredients for the dough
3 cups white flour or whole wheat flour (I used white one)
3 tbsp oil
1 cup of warm water
½ tsp salt

Additional ingredients
Butter-ghee and oil for cooking
White flour for flattening
Coriander leaves


  • Boil 2 litres of water in a non-stick pan. Add the potatoes, 1 tsp salt, cover and let boil. Start checking the potato as from 8 minutes by inserting a fork in one piece. It should be soft enough to be able to mash smoothly.
  • Put the potatoes in a drainer and leave it aside. Work the dough: Spill the salt on the flour then make a well in the middle to pour the oil and the warm water. Knead into a soft and smooth dough.
  • Cover it with a thin towel and let rest for 15 minutes while we work out the potato stuffing.
  • Mash the potato with a fork and add all the ingredients mentioned in the list along with half teaspoon salt. Mix and taste if salt is correct. But not too salty though as there is salt in the dough. Aloo Paratha by ThatMauritianFoodie
  • Rub palms with white flour, take the dough after resting and roll it out to make like a snake of 50cm long. Hahaha, sorry for the comparison :p
  • Cut the dough in 12 pieces with a knife. Take one by one and turn them into a smooth ball. Keep aside while you make 14-15 balls out of the potato mixture.
  • Now, tAloo Paratha by ThatMauritianFoodieake one dough-ball, flatten it by stretching with your thumbs and index fingers. Place a potato-ball in the middle and using your thumbs push it softly deep inside the dough-ball while pulling the extremities of the dough-ball up with your index fingers at the same time.
    Then close the dough-ball by twisting the extra end like we twist a cork. This will seal the aloo paratha ball. Cut out the excess dough after sealing well. Flour the aloo paratha ball and keep aside. Do this for the rest.
  • The reason why we made more potato-balls than dough-balls is because the excess dough we are cutting away after sealing can be kneaded again to make more balls, meaning more parathas 🙂
  • Take one aloo-paratha-ball, place the sealing-side down on a floured surface. Sprinkle some flour on top and flatten slowly with a rolling pin. Turn over from time to time to flour and flatten. Aloo Paratha by ThatMauritianFoodie
  • Heat non-stick pan on medium fire, put the flattened paratha (only when the pan is hot), oil the top surface lightly with a brush, turn over and oil the second surface slightly. Let cook for 45 seconds. Turn over again, spread 1 tsp of butter-ghee. Let cook for 15 seconds more.Aloo Paratha by ThatMauritianFoodie
  • Remove from pan and serve hot after sprinkling some chopped coriander. The aloo paratha can be eaten accompanied with tea, with chutney, ketchup or curry! Aloo Paratha by ThatMauritianFoodie
  • If at any point you didn’t understand how to do things, don’t hesitate to contact me. I know sometimes I’m just confusing about explanations hahaha 😉

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