Being my own Valentine!

As Valentines’ day approaches, I start questionning myself about the purpose. Okay, I always do that some days before 14 February. This feeling just comes, I don’t have any power over it. What I realise is, as years go by, I start expecting much more from this day. I have had mixed feelings about this celebration.

Earlier, I thought it was good because my boyfriend-of-that-time takes the pain to gift-me, rose-me, pamper-me, food-me and much more.. hehe. Of course, I did same too. Years later, I started thinking that it was just “an obligation”, to gift, rose, pamper, food and much more. It was as if, we HAD to follow the crowd on that specific day. Where there is MASS action, there is LESS creativity and excitement – for me. Then I thought, OKAY… It’s love day. But the guy I was with was just a BOYFRIEND, and I wasn’t pretty much in love. I was with him just not to be on my own, to have a partner to go watch movies or to meet my biological needs. WHY the hell should I be fake and celebrate love day with him? Sex day celebration would make more sense! This lead to breaking-up with my boyfriend, eventually!

Few years later, that is last year, I found what made me happy on Valentines’ day. Finally! I was single yet I went out to have lunch with myself and woawoawoah! The LOVEly decorations around, the LOVing feeling shared between couples, the LOVable hand-holding on that day, the beautiful curves on women’s face when they walk around with their flowers or the happy-go-mood men have seeing their women smiling…. ALL this make this day so so special! And I love that to bits.

Valentines’ day is more than just a stupid profitable day for flower or jewellery shops. Just pluck a flower from the side of the road and present that to the person you love and see the magic! Some say: We can do that on any other day, not just the 14 February. But then, do you do it on any other day? So, thanks 14 Feb! Others say: We love our partner. We don’t need to SHOW it, he/she already feels and knows it. I agree, we all know it when we are loved. But a soft kiss and a whisper of “I love you, my valentine” brings another smile which you will not see everyday! Hehe…

That’s MY point of view and what I feel about it. It’s very debatable of course. I debated with myself, lol. At the end, the only thing that counts is… happiness with your loved ones. Saying this, single as I am, I found my unique way to celebrate Valentines’ weekend: Love myself, do things I love and go to places I feel good at. Guess what? It worked! Below are some snaps from my LOVELY Sunday at Roche Noire in Mauritius (click on them to enlarge). I wish you all a great 14 February with your loved one and ones ❤


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