The life of Mauritian fishermen

Ever wondered how life is on an island? Where there is no development, no industries, just the sea and what it has to offer for our hunger. The only sounds around are the waves and from the birds’ chirping. What we breathe is the salted air and not smokes or polluted ones from vehicles. Where time stops. We’ve got to have patience. If we want to bring something back to our family for dinner. Yeah. This life still exists. And I’ve experienced it, along with a bunch of fishermen by a coast in Mauritius. They showed me how they fish – traditional way. If God wants them to eat, they will be lucky. So, they leave home with prayers and good wishes from their families. And then, well… they just sit by the tides, tight and patient, till they finally feel that pull on the line… their food for the day and night.

I was like… woaaaah! And there is me, when hungry: Mc Do? KFC? Panarotti? BBQ Grills? The queue is too long, damn! I will go somewhere else. I’ve got the money, that’s why I need FAST food! And in 10 minutes, the food is gone as fast as it came. And do I even remember what I had yesterday? Seriously, no!

I came back home learning a lesson. Earn your food. Respect it not with money. Who knows you might not get it tomorrow. Or it might be your last. Whatever you are having… have it with a smile, patience and modesty.

Some snaps of my time with amazing Mauritian fishermen:


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