Killer Smile To His Reflection

This little munchkin is at my parents’ place every time I come from work. When he is not sleeping, I steal him to my place. I don’t need to say the “off-screen” fun that we have together. Among all that we do is: Sleeping on the floor.

Baby Smiling At His Reflection

It’s amazing how he leaves all the sofa, couch and bed in my house to just lay on the floor, with his (or my) Australian wooden Boomerang of course, feel my white tiles and eventually sleep there. I tried placing a cushion next to him, thinking he would want some softness – but no!

Yesterday I realised why he loves being on the floor. It’s his r e f l e c t i o n ! I made this amazing discovery when he started smiling to himself. I tested him by saying “Aww, kiss the baby :)” and he did! We were both on the floor and I tried to snap him doing this as quickly as I could. He didn’t even care that I was taking all that pain. He was just.. in awe seeing his friend, a smiling baby, with a wooden toy… just right under him.

Now I understand why he is always on his side instead of lying completely on the floor, most of the time ❤ I wish some day t h i s killer smile would be for me, instead of his reflection. *cheeeeez*

Thank God I’m a cleaning freak!

I am posting this for the Weekly Photo Challenge’s topic “Smile”.

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