Emotional grips on the way to Flacq


All my troubles seem so far away..

Hahahaha, I love this song ❤ But this post isn’t about this song tho.

So, yesterday I took mom and dad to a village for shopping. A village I’ve not stepped in for like 10 years. A village which cost us 2 hours by bus when going and 1 hour 30 minutes return. And that village is named: Flacq – Mauritius’ largest district.

There are small things which happened during the day, which made me smile or sad. They stayed in my mind and I thought, I should write em down. To start with, the three of us took a bus to go to the major bus station where we will catch the Flacq bus. Arriving at that station, I got up from my seat and let an old man step in front of me. He was walking very slowly. Some people were hissing and puffing at the back, as they had to wait to get down. When the man finally got down, he turned left, then right, then did a complete 360-degrees turn. I was like, may be he is looking for someone. When mom and dad stepped down, we started to walk towards the Flacq bus’ driveway when that man called out to us. We walked to him and he asked “Daughter, can you tell me which way should I take to go to the bazaar (market)? I have eye-sight problem and I am not used to this city.”

In some seconds, everything became clear to me. The hesitation while walking the aisle in the bus, the time taken to step down, the 360-degrees turn… the hissing and puffing! 😦 Mom started to give the directions in the meantime and I barged in between with “Come with me, grand pa.” I asked mom and dad to wait for me and I walked with the old man to towards the pavement. I asked him if I could hold his arm and he replied “I would certainly appreciate that if it is not much of a trouble for you..” I felt happy. When I held his arm, I could feel his skin moving under my touch – no flesh sort of! I was scared I would hurt him. He asked me to tell him whenever there was a step up or down – which I did. We crossed the streets and people were looking at me, us, weirdly. But… what was awesome is that all the cars and bikes stopped from far when they saw us walking. That was just amazing! A mutual respect shown without words or any sort of communication. While walking, I asked him why he did not have any glasses. He said the doctors are refusing to give him any – I guess because his eyes are way too affected. I assumed so, I didn’t probe further. I placed him on the pavement and told him to keep going straight and that would lead to the bazaar – except that there are many ups and downs. He blessed me, endlessly. I ran back to mom and dad, I could still hear him blessing me ❤

Happenings churning my emotions didn’t end here. While walking in Flacq, mom pointed to a man walking ahead and told me to look at his unique flats. And damn.. they were two jeans-pant pockets cut into flats with a piece of thick thread on top in which he hooked his toes. My heart sank. He wasn’t walking but sliding on the road. His feet were all black.. and when I walked past him, I could see that he wasn’t well. He was not a beggar. He had medicines in his hand – from the state’s dispensary I guess. His shirt was well tucked in his pants – showing that he was once a smart man. I said bonjour and asked what happened to his slippers. He said that they got stolen at the temple and he did not have enough money to buy new ones. He continued saying that he is wearing these because it doesn’t matter anymore. People will steal any new ones he will buy. The world isn’t what it was long time back – where you could trust everyone. At that moment, I so wished to high-five him, just like I do with my friends when they happen to mention something true or amazing. I asked him if I could buy him a pair of slippers. He refused because he didn’t want me to waste my money. I reassured him that it will not be a waste and that both my grand fathers are no more, so it would be like I am gifting them something, which I didn’t have the chance to, through him. He was hesitant. Mom and dad joined us and dad helped me in getting a YES from him. There were shops nearby, I saw slippers and bought a flat pair as I saw he couldn’t lift up his feet much. Came back with the flats and coffees – quite chilly in Mauritius nowadays. All three of them were happy and me.. I was the happiest!

I am not writing all this to show how good I am.. I just wanted to share in the hope that someone who happen to read it get encouraged of doing same, without fear, without hesitation and without shame. Just give a damn about what others will think.. do what your heart says. And you will sleep with a smile at night 🙂

PS: I don’t have any snap of these situations. Such moments cannot be snapped. They can only be cherished ❤ 

But I do have some snapshots of Flacq and one of my cherished shopping ^_^

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