Sun Sets My Melancholy at Pointe aux Piments

I had a good education, Alhamdulillah, thanks to my parents. I hooked great jobs – I didn’t dream about them of course or had such aspirations when I was 10 years old like some – but they are kinda awesome. I have a loving family. I’ve got okay-okay friends who – though they can’t be here always – try to be present in dire need. I get a good income at the end of the month – don’t ask me where they are by mid month :/

I have freedom, food, money, love, blessing, faith but.. why do I feel incomplete? Okay, I don’t have a boyfriend, however sex or a male’s love ain’t what I feel lacking. I had a meeting in the North of Mauritius and on my way back home, I couldn’t resist stopping by the seaside at Pointe aux Piments as sunset made its way slowly to me. My eyes made their full of the beautiful sky changing from yellowish orange to bluish grey. I sat on a rock bench, under a lamp post and honestly, I didn’t feel like leaving from there. But then it was getting darker and it is a beach which isn’t much visited in the evening, so I had to leave.

Coming back to my incomplete-feeling, it is still there, though I feel a little bit better. I guess the sun drowned my melancholy along with it ❤

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