What if someone drifts away from me?

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOh it’s been long since I came home at 1pm with nothing to do ^_^  However, idle mind can make you regret being home early.. Nothing like that happened to me, because I made great use of my free time. Until..

I had fun talking with online friends in a group on Skype. I watched a movie named Ankur Arora’s Murder Case (I think) – was okay okay. It was about doctors’ negligence at private hospitals and their aim of making more profit being the main reason behind studying medicine. As much as I love cooking, I was happy I didn’t have to cook today as I have left-over Achar Gosht (Picklish Meat) I made. Below is a snap of my beef curry with white rice and watercress salad. I used the Pakistani Mehran spice for the first time. It’s sort of yummy, but there is a thing in the spice which disturbs me. So, I used 3/4 of the quantity I was supposed to use (written at the back of the box), added garam masala, a lil bit more lemon juice and fried onions! There.. I love my revisited Achar Gosht

So! Had my evening free, lazied on the terrace with a glass of chilled home-made ice-tea red fruit flavoured (I need to remember to post my recipe here) and that’s when my idle mind made its way back! :/

I was thinking about how people nowadays drift away from others. There could be many reasons for that. We live in a world where virtual life is taking over, thus increasing our possibilities to meet more and new people. It’s like toys for kids. The sole toy is always interesting. Once a new toy comes in, the previous one becomes less appealing. So, this is what we are to each other it seems: toys. However, there is still a little bunch of us who are fighting to live in the real life more than in the virtual. Even if it is getting tougher and tougher, there is still hope that the kid will realise the value of the old toy and will come back to it. Damn, are we kids or toys? Or is it that I am the toy to a kid along with being the one keeping toys? Pffft.. see! That’s what my idle mind was doing to me. 

Anyway, I succeeded in creating a door out of this mind-maze of mine. I did a self-appraisal to which I came to the conclusion that I’ve turned into a sort of human who doesn’t care if someone is drifting away, avoiding me or just forgot me. I’ve lost so many people in my life unexpectedly: child-cousins, love-bestie, brother and grand-ma. God knows how much I mean it when I say I would give anything today, for them to just be alive 😦

Hmm.. if someone is avoiding me or just doesn’t wanna talk to me, then I will not be angry. Okay, I am a human being, I have emotions, I will be sad. But I won’t be hurt.

And the reason is just because I am happy that at least that person is.. alive 🙂

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