2018: No One Should Die Of Hunger

A stop over on my way home: Péreybère Beach. Why? Because I was pissed off… and sad.

I don’t know why everything is going so wrong, in my life and in the world. I feel like things are slipping off my palm like sand does – the tighter I close my fist to affirm myself, the more it slips away. Any sand-catcher around please? Give me some hope someone.. hope that the world, my life will get better tomorrow. 20181107_183137

One: My Life

I’ve got a bestie who broke up because it was a bad relationship. Good thing, she is getting better. Bad thing, I am feeling forced to be with her because she claims she will be tempted to go back to that !@#$@#$ if her mind and time are not occupied. It’s not that I don’t like to spend time with my friends, but.. free time is a luxury for me and stuffs I do which make me feel good do not require company. On top of this, she is making me feel responsible if ever she returns to that guy. I know, I know.. anyone would think how weak I am. I’m stuck because I don’t want her to be suicidal again 😦 20181107_183454

Two: The World

I just went through a 5-days’ wedding – a friend. It was all bling-bling, boom-boom, tam-tam and above all, yum-yum! Everyday, every menu was different. But damn, the left-over food? And the events, mostly during November and December.. the open-buffet! OMG. WHAT IF.. if authorised, all hotels and restaurants would have a “Generous Corner” where they would share the left-overs to the poor and homeless? No profit in that, right? But then, the bins also ain’t paying for the foods either.. 20181107_183459

See, all of this was going in my head. It was already getting dark. I had to leave. Do I feel better? No. Because I am more frustrated as I am still where I started. On the other hand, I think my friend and I will be having a serious talk – not hidden behind a screen, but a serious face to face one. I  need to look into people’s eyes to know how meaningful they are.

You who have read all of this, I hope tomorrow you will wake up with the thought of helping a needy in mind. Don’t do it for me. Don’t do it for a status on social networks. Don’t do it to secure a seat in Paradise.

Do it just because.. it will make someone smile – the best contagious disease ever.

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