Hot Mauritius v/s Red Bombs

It’s been long since I’ve been wanting to write terrible stuffs happening in my life. I had evidences as well! However, my laptop fell and the HDD got ruined.

I lost absolutely e v e r y t h i n g !

Well, that was one of the worst weekends in my life. Lost personal stuffs, work stuffs, blog stuffs, all my music, movies. Hell.. everything!

I had only one choice, to pray that at least it’s only the HDD that’s K.O.; and not the whole laptop. Mauritius declared a torrential rain warning, but  I HAD to go to the technician. Wrapped my coma-tic lappy in double bin bag, I left on my scooter. By the afternoon, it came with a new HDD, new keyboard and.. nothing else. 😦 Let’s be happy with what we have, right God?

I started rebuilding my virtual world.. I am so so SO grateful that some genius created One-Drive ♥

During that laptop-less weekend, I’ve been doing stuffs I don’t do usually. Like.. drying red chilies to crush them later and make my own “crushed red chili powder” ^_^

The taste is seriously worlds apart from what I buy, and needless to say.. hotter! If you guys have a very sunny weather like Mauritius, go ahead and dry em red bombs! Worth a try 🙂

Self-dried Red Chilies

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