Road trip or food trip? Well, Mauritius!

It’s been days, weeks and months of work work work work work work before we, girls, finally got time to go for a road trip.. or may be I should say food trip! ♥

I won’t type much, the photos talk by themselves. Our stops were:

  • Detox at Sophie Nature Walk
  • Vegetarian breakfast at “The Parking Spot”
  • A pious moment at Grand Bassin Sacred Lake
  • A rainy ciggy break at Rivière des Galets
  • Lunch at Bus Snack to eat fresh Octopus Curry
  • Stair-hike up Macondé to enjoy grated ice cone
  • Purchase of fresh fish and octopus
  • Sleeping by a small beach after Bel Ombre, admiring the sky
  • Ciggy break by a lake watching Sunset

I should mention that a yellow smiley wallet will be seen while buying grated ice cone. That wallet is mine and is a very important asset in every outing we do. We contribute a fixed amount of money from each one before we set sail. Every purchase of ours during the day is done from that small yellow cute thing ♥ The awkwardness of “who will pay for what” is thus avoided!

The photos:


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