Telfair Garden, Mauritius!

A continuity to my past post about my visit of the South of Mauritius: Souillac Village: Post Office, Railway & Police Station and Marketplace

Many readers messaged me to ask for precision, some are visiting Mauritius soon while others are looking forward to planning a visit. It makes me proud that my little Mauritius gets so much nice attention from the world. All destinations have their good and their bad. Every human being have their good and their bad. The ability to make an abstraction of the bad isn’t given to everyone, yes. However, it is not inborn as well. We’ve got to develop it.. we’ve got to w a n t to see the good in people, happenings, moments or environments.

Some people speak their thoughts aloud while people who are on their own most of the time – like me, we write out thoughts to the world. Haha! Somewhere somehow someone will be reading it and think about me for a fraction of a second. Ideally, I would like to have a “Hey, thinking of you as I read this post.” or a “Don’t worry, whatever is funking with your life right now will be a bad dream very soon.” as a message or comment. But well.. we don’t really get everything we want or need in life ^_^

I had to post some more photos I took upon my visit to the South of Mauritius. Looking at them makes me wanna go back.. forever. Stay there, wake up to the sound of the waves, chirping of the birds and to the breeze full of fresh sea water droplets. Aaaah la vie! Money money money, why are you so important!

Telfair Garden, absolute peace ♥ 


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