Robert Edward Hart’s Home Visit

I think that, by now, those who honored me by reading my posts must have understood that I My Mauritius!

Yet, there are some places which, when I visit, make me like them. While others.. turmoil my inside. Through their history, things which happened there or just.. by touching that place physically. It’s weird how I cannot put words to those feelings. It’s like, after reading about the place, if I close my eyes standing there, I will find myself at that exact place but years and years back when it was occupied. Am I crazy? Nah. Yeah? No way! LoL.

Anyway, one of the visits which made me melancholic is my passage at a museum. It was Robert Edward Hart’s home, made out of corals – very impressive! We do not have the right to take pictures inside. I’ve however asked for the permission to click one snap of the living-office room. Mr Hart was an amazing poet. Above all, his love for Mauritius was.. can’t explain. Do grab one of his books to understand it on your own. Many French people came to visit him – to listen to his poems and to enjoy the view he describes in them. I have tried to snap that view from his terrace! I hope you will feel an ounce of what I felt through my photos.. only the sea breeze, swoooshing of the tree leaves and salty droplets missing

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