Black Sheeep Resto at Beau-Bassin: Tested!

I’ve been craving for a nice juicy yummy beef burger since long. Two friends suggested me Black Sheeep Restaurant found at Beau-Bassin in Mauritius. It is nicely decorated with vintage artefacts like I love… and of course black sheep in all its forms ^_^

My friend and I were waiting for two others and in the meantime we ordered some snacks and drinks. Some of what we wanted from the starter’s list were not available. Hence, we opted for spinach-cheese toasts, self-made chicken nuggets and juices – I had a green banana juice by the way. That was quite original, pics are below.

By the time my friends came, the whole place was filled. Yet, the two to three staff members did not lose their patience or their smile. I went to have beef burger but was tempted to have a beef steak instead. Unfortunately, not available. So, I came back to what brought me there (pics below).

However, eating that beef burger didn’t make me fly like I was expecting to – wings which were boosted by all the feedbacks I got from several people. It seems this outlet has another branch which is better. Well, I believe that no matter how many branches, the quality of the food should be maintained.

But anyway, the environment was good, we had a great time and I guess Black Sheeep Beau-Bassin should know that its real strength is its staff – for the time being ♥ On the other hand, it would be great if it could ensure that all on its menu are available.

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