French Governor’s Château de Mon Plaisir in Mauritius

Most of those who read my blog must have guessed that I love old infrastructures ^_^ Colonial houses, re-purposed buildings, ruins etc.. leading me to appreciate this Château during my visit of the SSR Botanical Garden.

It was opened for visit – I don’t remember ever going inside – hence, along with my new friend, we went to take a look. The Château de Mon Plaisir has been built by slaves for the French Governor Mahé de Labourdonnais during the 1700. The Governor along with his botanist Pierre Poivre created the garden which bears different spices, fruit trees, medicinal plants and many more floral varieties. Nowadays, the Botanical Garden also holds animals such as deer, tortoises or birds.

It is not my first visit of the Garden though. However, every time I am there, something new strikes me – just like yesterday, it was the Château. Here are some snaps:

The inside is being restored since 2017. Hopefully it will be over soon and we will have the feel of the French Governor’s house back. On the other hand, my visit made me jump back to my past posts I wrote related to this same garden… it always feels good doing so ♥ Click on the links below to find other photos I took from what struck me then:

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