Tourism in Port Louis, capital city of Mauritius: Blue Penny Museum, Caudan Waterfront & Siro Piké!

They say that..

The more you grow, the more reasons you get not to spend time with your parents.

I am sure many of us try hard to prove this wrong ♥ At least I try my best to.. just like some days back when I took my parents for a visit of Port Louis (where we live by the way), the capital city of Mauritius. It is also the place with abundant history about who discovered Mauritius, who wanted to capture, who fought, who won and who made Mauritius what it is today! The programme I made for them – praying that they will like historical tourism, is as follows:

  1. A visit of the Blue Penny Museum
  2. Walk through Caudan Waterfront
  3. Tasting freshly pressed sugarcane juice
  4. A visit of the Postal Museum
  5. Visiting Aapravasi Ghat
  6. Checking out the Windmill Museum
  7. Lunch & Dessert at the Waterfront’s food court

1. A visit of the Blue Penny Museum

The sad yet good thing is that we cannot take snaps inside. The Museum bears old maps, materials collected which were used by our ancestors, comparative pictures of the development of Mauritius and a famous stamp which, if I understood right, is the unique sample of its category. Visitors can see it every hour for 5 minutes only, as light may damage the paper. The history of Paul et Virginie is narrated, with paintings of their childhood, growing love and death tragedy.

2. Walk through Caudan Waterfront

The Caudan Waterfront is an all-in-one stop shop with many food options, hotels, brand-shops, duty-free shops, local shops, places to sit, relax, chitchat or walk through with a dose of fresh air. The harbour and docks are near, hence, we can see boats and ships coming and going. They don’t come till the waterfront though.

3. Tasting freshly pressed sugarcane juice

The photos speak. The juices were just yummy! Mom took ginger-flavoured, dad took pure juice and I had pineapple-flavoured. I was nicely surprised to have pineapple bites in my juice – meaning that they actually press fresh fruits in their flavoured sugarcane juices. The prices vary from MUR 125-250 and we were also served some snacks along. The decoration consists of carts, re-used drums made into chairs, palmists and Frangipani and Hibiscus flowers on the tables. We got the chance to assist a Sega show by a local dancer who is also the waitress as a group of tourists came by. A marketing strategy which works as hell! ♥

I will continue my visit of Port Louis in the next blog post ^_^ 

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