Tourism in Port Louis: Postal & Windmill Museums

This post follows my first on: Tourism in Port Louis, capital city of Mauritius.

My visit of Port Louis along with my parents continued with the Postal Museum based at the Waterfront. Last time I was there, there were many displays but they are all gone! I regret the tickets I paid for the visit because half of what needed to be seen were not there 😦 Some clicks of Postal Museum, well.. of what remains:


Nearby, this Windmill can be found. It was past lunch time, yet the person in charge was not there to open the Windmill which is now a museum that can be visited. Pfft.. again, a deception!


This post bears two places I love in Port Louis, but customer service or mismanagement made my visit there quite dull 😦 Well, there is a last place I went to, which is the Aapravasi Ghat. A milestone in the history of Mauritius.. to be unveiled in my next post ♥

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