A bus stop facing sunset in Mauritius

Winter in Mauritius is amazing.

The sun is there, but the heat is not. I don’t know why I feel that the sun is brighter in winter… or may be it’s just me seeing it closer because I tend to avoid it in summer. However, these days Mauritius has been receiving the visits of many anti-cyclones which are hiding the sun and makes my bike ride experiences colder and gloomier. I won’t complain because I love that feeling too ♥

I’ve stopped to capture certain places I love watching on my way to the beach. I would actually slow down to 20kmh, hehe.. The views are worth it! Where else do you see a bus stop with that scenery? ^^,

Pointe aux Piments is a beautiful and calm place by the way and the beach is mind-blowing. Sunset there is a must-see for everyone, Mauritian or not. Yeah, you have more rocks but they add to its beauty I think ♥ I had captured some of the sunset moments for a past post: Sun Sets My Melancholy at Pointe aux Piments.

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