Vahiné Cupcakes, yes!

I’ve just tried the Vahiné cupcake mix – vanilla flavoured. I shoukd admit that it turned out quite good! I tried several toppings.. actually, I don’t like cupcakes much but had to make em for someone’s 60th bday. I used Vahiné deco tube for some, Vahiné almond for others (I coated the cakes with butterscotch…

Birthday Cakes, Me-Made

I dared making a birthday cake and two additional party sweets… They loved them! 🙂

My Veg Banana Crème

Had 3 bananas which looked as if they won’t survive another day. I love bananas too much to bin them.
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Flan Antillais Coco

No need to have a mixer. Low-cost ingredients. Mix all and bake. A quick SOS cake/dessert to be served anytime!
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Yummy Chocolate Slabs

Perfect if you plan a heavy main course and want to serve a lil sweet thing to call it a superb meal.
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